About the Book


Million Dollar Blind Spots will create clear understanding to uncover blind spots in your company—and will dramatically accelerate correct business leadership decisions. Million Dollar Blind Spots is hailed by industry professionals as a commonsense approach to risk management.

When asked how all departmental leaders can help the finance department increase profitability, this book is the resource for management to find pools of cash in key departments of the company. This book helps career-motivated business executives unearth key risk areas and identify opportunities leading to sustainable growth, buzz-worthy customer value, and impressive profitability.

Gary Patterson has developed clever systems to:
  • Avoid costly problems
  • Increase profits
  • Uncover your million-dollar blind spots
  • Answer questions about why risk management is important to finding pockets of hidden cash
  • Make faster business decisions
  • Reduce functional silos

When your team asks ‘What is financial risk management?’ this book provides the answers. This book contains 125 questions to assess your company and strengthen balance sheets and income statements, describes insightful flash reports, metrics and financial reporting templates and illuminates key requirements for business plans to improve operations and raise crucial financing for your management team projects.


If you desire to run your company like Jack Welch, then pick up a copy of Gary Patterson’s book for your entire team. Gary Patterson is a Stanford MBA, CPA and popular speaker who has worked with over 200 companies and negotiated 25 merger & acquisition deals ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

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